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19 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help a Photographer

In today's blog, we're talking to Amanda over at Girl Boss Virtual Services about ways a virtual assistant can be used by photographers to help lighten your load!

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”
– Jessica Jackley, businesswoman

From Amanda: You alone cannot do everything that is necessary to grow and be productive. The quality of your work, and more importantly, your life, will suffer when you try to do everything on your own when a team or one other person should help you.

Bringing in outside help in the form of a virtual assistant can not only increase your business and productivity and help you concentrate on being the creative person you are. A VA will help you gain those hours of rest and peace that you desperately need.

Why do you not want to hire a Virtual Assistant? You hire gardeners to take care of your lawn, you pay someone to cut your hair, you pay for day care when you need help, and you even order food to be delivered. Why is it so different when it comes to paying for help in your business?

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can help you with:

1. Email management: the quicker the response to your potential clients the better chances you can book with them. You can tell your VA to make guidelines for the emails you want forwarded to you and which ones are fine for them to follow up on.

2. Blog Management: how much time is spent preparing the post, researching, styling, and promoting it? These are tasks your VA can help you with, saving 30 minutes to an hour or more per blog post.

3. Online research: your Virtual Assistant can look up a new training for you, workshops, find new equipment for you, and even gather information on your potential clients. Once they are done gathering information they can forward it to you.

4. Social Media Management: Your virtual assistant can learn your social media platforms and take over your social media marketing; you will help your business and become more consistent and meaningful with the content provided.

5. Client relations: Virtual assistants can write and mail cards to clients, sending thank you notes or booking gifts and information packets, or keeping in touch with booked wedding clients monthly to help build relationships with them.

6. Scheduling: Let your virtual assistant help you keep up with deadlines and appointments. Also to keep up with important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events.

7. Websites: let a VA help update your website and portfolio gallery with your latest work.

8. Edit and post blogs.

9. Schedule social media posts.

10. Update website content and WordPress.

11. Handle email. Delete spam in your email; and sort, answer and forward you remaining emails.

12. Wedding blog post. Edit and submit a wedding to a blog post.

13. Make connections. Research vendors and other business to connect with in your city or state.

14. Blog engagement. Engage with blog comments and moderate when needed.

15. Find guest bloggers. Reach out to people who would like to be guests in your blog.

16. Email marketing. Set up email marketing.

17. Content calendar. Create social media and blog calendars, to schedule for the month.

18. Vendor relations. Prepare photographs to send to vendors who may have been involved in a wedding for example.

19. Photoshop. Basic Photo Editing

Next week, we'll go further in depth about a virtual assistant, where to find them and how to use them.

About Amanda Mendez

Amanda is a Virtual Assistant for female wedding and family photographers with her own business Girl Boss Virtual Services She helps female photographers relieve the stress of handling business tasks in the photography business and let her clients focus on just being the creative people that they are.

Amanda resides in Arizona with her husband, her mom, son, and little dog cinnamon. She loves Jesus, family, friends, photography, Mexican food, shopping, watching movies, and traveling.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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