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7 Things NOT To Do When Attending a Styled Shoot

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

When attending a styled shoot it is important to put your best foot forward. Think of a styled shoot as a combination of a job interview, a job fair, networking event, and content creation event. Through this one event you’ll find like-minded people, and potentially people with similar styles, who you will get referrals from, hire as associates or second shooters, or get hired by for these things as well as getting the content you need for your marketing materials.

style photoshoot dos and don'ts
Behind the scenes group shot from a Glamour and Grind Styled shoot

Here are some things that we’d consider don’ts when it comes to Styled Shoots:

1-Stand in front of everyone

The biggest thing to remember is these shoots are a team effort. Standing in front of other people while they’re trying to get their shots is the best way to ensure your community sees you as the competitive type.


This is not to say don’t get a lot of photos but don’t hold your shutter down and shoot rapid-fire for things that are standing still making you end up with 100s of photos of one pose you’ll use maybe two photos of. That's not to say don’t shoot 20 photos of the same thing but don’t shoot hundreds of photos of one pose/one item causing yourself to have to cull excessively more and add hours to your editing time.

3-Be disrespectful with products

This is an obvious one for many people but we have seen times where photographers have tossed bouquets down or put pillows on top of them.

Dresses so often are returned dirty. A great way to ensure the dresses get to be returned in the best condition possible is to help the models carry the skirts so when they walk they’re not being dragged. This could also lead to a great behind-the-scenes photo if you and the other photographers take turns and take photos for each other.

4-Come unprepared

You should always come knowing what you want to shoot at the shoot. Make a list of poses you want to get and if you want them to be landscape or portrait based on what you need for your website.

5-Don’t talk to vendors

Vendors contribute to a styled shoot so they get content to share. The best way to get referrals from the vendors you meet at these shoots is to ask what they need photo-wise.

6-Don’t research whose putting on the shoot

This is super important because there are so many scammers in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask for references as well as how many tickets are being sold and how many models there will be.

7- Don’t edit your photos

You have invested in the shoot, make sure you edit the photos and share them so you’re getting the full bang for your buck.

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Becca Carrigan runs Glamour and Grind Events. She not only hosts styled shoots all over the country but does dress rentals as well.

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The behind the scenes photo was taken by 9yo Spencer Soto aka Spencer Random

Car is follow her here on IG.

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