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In today's blog, we're featuring Jenny Cruger of Jenny Cruger Photography. She is featured in my E-book that teaches photographers about In Person Sales and how to do it. (You can check out the book here.)

She has been doing In Person Sales for awhile now and I hope her information helps you!

What are your average sales? Average is about $3,500. But I have found I have my "just files" clients (I still am happy to sell those) are at that file price ($1,800) and then my product (and files) clients average more like $3500-6000.

Why did you switch? I wanted a more personal connection with helping clients do something with their images. I wanted to make more/charge more and knew I needed to provide a better experience in order to do that.

What was the scariest part of making the jump to IPS? I'm super introverted and don't like sales, or sales gimmicks.

Do you do your IPS session in your own studio or at a client’s house? I started in clients' homes, but found that too intimidating for me. I felt very "door to door salesman" like coming to their house to sell to them. Looking back, I think this was 95% more to do with my inexperience and nerves for selling over all. I quickly switched to doing that in studio as soon as I got one and found I was much more confident. If was more of a "well they walked into my store to shop and buy" feeling so I didn't feel as awkward selling.

What advice would you give someone thinking of doing IPS? Keep it simple. You don't need a ton of software or samples. Complicated things and too many decisions keep clients from making decisions and buying (online or in person). They are coming to you for help and to be the authority, don't be afraid to tell them what works best and what they "should" buy. And don't feel bad for selling to them. You're serving them. They chose to come to you. By not helping them with this final step of displaying their images, you're dropping the ball, not giving them a benefit.

What do you think is the key to IPS? Simplicity and confidence

What is the worst thing someone could do in IPS? Be high pressure. Offer deals to close a sale, be gimmicky/salesy, not be 100% up front about pricing and the entire process.


If you are looking for a mentor, contact Jenny through her website. She teaches through the Motherhood Anthology.

All images are courtesy of Jenny Cruger.

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