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In today's blog we're featuring fellow photographer, Nikita Razo who does In Person sales. I featured her in my book on the subject and also wanted to feature her here!

Razo owns Junebug Photography Studio in Kansas.

How long have you been doing photography? ​7yrs

How long have you been doing IPS? ​4yrs

Why did you switch? ​I was tired of being over worked and under paid for it.

What are your average sales? ​$3,000 per session

What was the scariest part of making the jump to IPS? ​Rebuilding my client base. But luckily, we move every few years anyway, so I am now a pro at that part!

What software (if any) do you use for IPS? How does it work, what do you like about it? ​I use Lightroom for my reveal appointments. Then invoices are handwritten. I also use Shoot & Sell for wall gallery samples. I like Shoot & Share but have been contemplating switching to pro-select because I have heard so many great things about it!

What advice would you give to your old shoot and burn self? ​Work Smarter, not harder. If you are ok with making minimum wage, or worse less, go get a part time job somewhere where you aren't working 80 hours a week! Or you can value your time and continue to do what you love!

What advice would you give someone thinking of doing IPS? ​Just do it! It's totally worth it!!

What has been the best seller for you? ​I sell a lot of albums! It's a great way for clients to get a majority, if not all, of the images from their gallery.

How do you do your packages? ​Pricing consists of a creative fee per session that includes a planning consult, the session, and their ordering appointment. Then all images are sold separately, as either individual or collection formats.

What do you think is the key to IPS? ​ Consistency, and making sure you under promise and over deliver. Always.

What is the worst thing someone could do in IPS? ​Bait and switch! NEVER tell your clients it's going to be one thing and then do another. Especially when it comes to high end pricing! I am always 100% transparent and upfront with my pricing because I never want my clients to feel like I blindsided them and didn't give them all the information they would need to make an informed decision.


If you'd like to talk to Nikita about mentoring, you can contact her here.

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