Seamless Paper Backdrops Comparison

Looking at seamless paper rolls online can be daunting. And the colors don't always match up with what you get. Here are some of my favorites with lots of examples to go with them!

Some of my favorites are Ultra Marine, white, black, gray (different shades), mocha, crimson and bone. Coral is another popular one for smashes, which is more like a pink really. But let's break it down for you:

Pink, Purple and Blues

Let's get the pink out of the way as I only own one of them.


When it comes to pinks, this one is probably the most popular. Although, I've only had to buy one roll in 4 years.

Superior has one that is a little bit darker, more Pepto Bismol looking according to the photo. It might be worth a buy if you do a lot of pinks.

Blue Mist from Savage

I believe this is Savage's Baby Blue

Some colors don't sound like their name. Baby Blue from Savage is more Tiffany to me. Blue Mist looks more like a baby blue should.

I also own Blue Jay, but I can't find a single thing I've shot with it off hand.

UltraMarine Savage paper

On Amazon, Ultramarine can look to have a green tint to it. I find it to be more navy in real life. This is actually one of my all time favorites. It goes fantastic with all skin tones and blue is a real comforting color in general. Ultramarine has a real richness to it's color tone. I use it on children as well and with a little more light you can make it look a bit lighter and more airy.

Another darker blue option is Blue Jean, like below.

Savage Blue Jean


I like Orchid from Savage for a nice purple that goes great with boys or girls.

Red and Green

Tech Green

Tech green is more like a chroma key green and overall, I really don't recommend it unless you're maybe using it for chroma key/dropping out backgrounds. Above is an old photo I took with it.


Evergreen is another one that is beautiful whether you shoot it dark or more lit up.

I find it to be a good strong color for portraits. And if you add red, it could be a festive holiday backdrop too.


Red is one that seems to frighten people. I have Crimson from Savage and I have yet to use it with kids, but for adults, it's gorgeous!


Crimson has a very rich hue to it. The image above is just lit with one light and has a slight vignette which makes it look like the back is lit also.

If you look at it on Amazon however, it looks to have a purplish hue to me. I find that the color samples online are not always right:



There are other vendors out there for seamless paper rolls. Black is probably one of those I wouldn't mind picking up from a second party since the color should be what you expect when you get it, can't go wrong with black really. The black one above is from Savage. Superior also sells a black that may be cheaper online.

When it comes to white backgrounds, there are many that have white in the name but even one brand can have many different hues or tones--just like when you buy paint. I want a super clean white background, so I go with this one:

Pure white

If you want something with just a little color, Bone is really popular among photographers. I find it to be great with all skin tones and also great for images you want a vintage or boho feel.


This is Bone by Savage. The name kind of grosses me out, lol, but I like the color!

Bone, lit with one light

If you want something a bit darker than Bone, go with Mocha.

Savage Mocha

Above, the child on Mocha was shot with more light than the one below. Both were shot with one light. But the one below was with a strip light whereas the above was with an 86" PLM, like this one from Paul Buff.